What is your color branding? What color best represents your business?

These are all questions you should ponder and ask yourself when you are deciding on color branding to represent your business.

Your logo and brand colors are your company’s first impression. What do you want that first impression to be?

If you walked into a doctor’s office and the walls were black, how would that make you feel? It would probably make you uncomfortable because the color black doesn’t give off positive feelings. If the walls were red, you would still feel uncomfortable because red can signify danger or anger. If you think about it, most doctors’ offices are bright or pastel colors because those colors make a person feel calm and peaceful.

In the same way, the brand color of your company gives a person specific feelings and emotions. Before someone ever reads a word about your business, the colors tell them how they are supposed to feel about your business. Color is your company’s first impression.

It’s helpful to know a little bit about color science and theory. How do we see color and what do those colors mean? You want to be sure your chosen color is giving off the right impression at first glance.

Another part of the equation is scientific and even gender specific. Did you know upwards of 9% of males will develop some sort of color blindness – usually in the red and green areas – in their lifetime? Also, as men age, they have trouble seeing the color yellow.

Fun fact: Mark Zuckerberg gave Facebook blue as its brand color because he himself is color blind and most people can see the color blue.

Our color expert, Shelby Sapusek, can help you determine which color or colors are best to represent your business based on your type of business, your clients and your overall business goals. Together, you will explore color theory and science to ensure that the colors you choose will work to grow your business – both online and in person.

First, take the quick quiz below to get an idea about your color direction. Then contact us to schedule a call to talk about your best options for brand color and marketing.

What's your unique brand color?

Image of brand color picker

Color is important for your brand identity. Different colors emit different emotions. It's important to pick your brand color(s) carefully to make sure they represent your business, personality and company message. Take this one-question quiz for some insight on what color you should consider for your business.

Note: While this quiz explains color emotions correctly, it is meant to be only a guide for brand color decisions.